A New Level of Energy Efficiency

Airtherm offers institutional quality fan coil products with energy efficient ECM operated fans. These robust ECM fan coils use less energy, and can adapt to applications that others can't. Plus they are made in the U.S.A.

Waste Less

Energy Usage Comparison: PSC vs. ECM

Save More

Upgrade and Save

Airtherm Fan Coil with ECM at ASHRAE

Easily boost efficiency by adding an ECM to an existing fan coil unit

Fan Coils

Quiet Operation

Quiet fan motor

Airtherm fan coil units' resiliant motor mounts, insulated discharge panels, and EC Motors result in quieter operation than other fan coils.

Improved Control

Improved efficiency through improved controls

Improved controls that interface with either a thermostat or BMS to improve the operating efficiency and comfort levels.

ECM Savings Estimator

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KW Reduction/Month 0
Annual Savings 0
Demand Savings 0
Total Annual Savings 0
Fan Coil Size Qty Watt Savings
2 0
3 0
4 0
6 0
8 0
10 0
12 0

Payback & Savings Calculator

This calculator is for reference comparison and results are not the responsibility of Mestek, Inc, its employees or companies of which are working for them. Existing operating conditions vary in efficienty, application, operation and utillities, which will affect existing and/or projected costs. Savings are based 24 a day operation, compared to an industry leading competitors operation, using Airtherm's controlled motor.

EC Motors

Electronically Commutated Motor

EC motors are highly efficient, quiet, and compact motors; which are more flexible to control than 3-speed PSC motors and great for retrofits.

Fan Coil Units

Airtherm Fan Coil Unit with the cover removed

Airtherm's institutional quality fan coil units are engineered for long life, efficient installation, easy service, and improved IAQ.

Control Board

ECM Control Board

Unique controls allow for cost effective, yet efficient operation also improving comfort.