Fan Coil Control Interface

Airtherm Fan Coil Control Board

The energy savings offered by an ECM fan coil is directly related to the control of the sequence of operation.

Airtherm has developed a simple, yet effective interface to provide full-featured operation of the fan coil; including the fan, valves, motor speed, and auxiliary items such as dampers. Typical thermostat controlled systems are adapted to the energy saving ECM operation by managing the 24 or 120 volt valves and dampers, and sequencing them along with the fan speed. In addition to the energy savings, occupant sound levels are reduced, and air flow is managed for greater personal comfort.

Airtherm's control board interfaces with the ECM operated fan coils to allow for simple standalone thermostat controlled operation. It can also be integrated with a building automation system for central management. Therefore, any hydronic fan coil system can take advantage of Airtherm's ECM fan operated solution and provide energy savings and improved occupant comfort.