Electronically Commutated Motors

EC Motors are Brush-Free DC™ motors with microprocessor controlled power drive technology for low cost operation and long life. The microprocessor allows the speed to vary in order to precisely match the performance desired by the application. The control board is uniquely installed and built into the motor.

The Brush-Free DC™ operation yields efficiencies as high as 85%, meaning that it consumes 40% to 60% less electricity than a traditional PSC motor. With high efficiencies, less heat is generated. This reduces stress on windings and bearings, and extends the life beyond that of traditional motors.

EC Motors are programmed for their application and incorporate auto-adjust timing for achieving high efficiency throughout the range of speeds.

Improved Efficiency

ECM: 85% efficient
PSC: 40% efficient

Green Building

Fan coils using ECMs are a leap forward in energy savings, and may qualify for LEED points and utility rebates.

Fan coils are often overlooked by energy conservation professionals because of their fractional horsepower and low power consumption. However, our ECM fan technology will allow cost effective energy savings which will satisfy green building initiatives.

Retrofit Existing units

Unitaire fan coil unit

We have engineered our ECM offering so that it is backward compatible with our Unitaire products that have been installed over the years. Simply replacing the existing fan deck with a new ECM fan deck in the existing piped cabinet is quick and easy.

This means that our Unitaire fan coils can deliver the energy savings without re-piping or replacing entire units, saving time and reducing waste.