Air Balance - Louvers and Dampers
Air Balance was founded in Philadelphia in 1958 to manufacture louvers and dampers, with special emphasis on fire dampers. In 1964, Air Balance revolutionized fire dampers by inventing the Curtain Blade Fire Damper, which is still the industry standard. As HVAC systems have become more sophisticated, Air Balance Inc. has continued it’s role as the leader in developing state of the art, UL Classified, Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers for installation in today’s modern dynamic smoke management systems.
To compliment this important life safety equipment, Air Balance Inc. offers a complete line of air control dampers and an extensive selection of AMCA certified louvers.

American Warming & Ventilating - Louvers and Dampers
When selecting a supplier, you look for a company with the proven engineering and manufacturing skills necessary to provide products with the quality you require, the efficiency to deliver them on time at competitive prices, and the corporate stability that you can depend upon. American Warming and Ventilating, founded in 1904, designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of commercial and specialized industrial and heavy duty dampers, as well as an extensive architectural louver, sunshade and grille offering. Regardless of application, size, shape, material or finish, you can rely on American Warming and Ventilating to meet all your requirements.

Anemostat - Air Distribution Products

Anemostat® is the name of the pioneer company in air distribution equipment. The name, which is a registered trademark, comes from two Greek words: anemos (meaning "wind") and statikos (meaning "causing to stand"). What that name stands for is an over half-century old tradition of being first and finest in individual products and systems which control air flow in commercial, government, and educational buildings, medical and research facilities, aviation, and other transportation equipment, and more.

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Mestek, Inc.
Mestek, Inc. is a family of over 30 specialty manufacturers providing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning products, machine tool, coil handling equipment, flexible metal pipe and computer information systems and services.

The SalesAssistant is our premier ASP, (Application Service Provider) extranet application. It is an e-commerce tool that provides an outside sales force with an information bridge to the manufacturer. The SalesAssistant is a secure web space where a manufacturer can communicate confidential information to individual or groups of reps/customers depending on the need. Sales reps & customers are provided with timely information and a means to submit orders and generate quotes.