Unitaire IV

Vertical Models

Model FETF
Vertical Cabinet
Vertical Cabinet Model FETF

Adaptable to any floor application, Model FETF, like all cabinet units, comes in optional colors to blend with any décor.

Model SETF
Sloping Top Vertical Cabinet
Sloping Top Vertical Cabinet Model SETF

Specially designed for schools, hospitals and other places where items may be placed over the discharge grill.

Model FDTF
Deluxe Vertical Cabinet
Deluxe Vertical Cabinet Model FDTF

The stylish FDTF models are ideal for areas where special appearance is important.

Model WETB
Wall Cabinet
Wall Cabinet Model WETB

Also available with front discharge, the WETB units offer the same capabilities as our floor models but in a wall mounted style.

Model FRFF
Vertical Recessed
Vertical Recessed Model FRFF

Floor or wall mounted, the fully recessed FCF provides more interior space. Also available as a 3", 5" and 7" partially recessed model.

Model FCTF
Vertical Concealed
Vertical Concealed Model FCTF

The fully concealed FCTF unit is perfect for special applications where custom exterior cabinetry is necessary.

Model RETF
Model RETF

Reduced height floor mounted exposed units.

Model LETF
Model RETF

Low profile floor mounted units. Only 18" tall!

Horizontal Models

Model CEFB
Ceiling Cabinet with Rear or Bottom Inlet
Ceiling Cabinet with Rear or Bottom Inlet Model CEFB

This unit is ideal for renovation as it reduces duct work and requires no floor space.

Model CCFR
Ceiling Concealed
Ceiling Concealed Model CCFR

Hidden in the ceiling, the CC unit is a quality unit for hotels, motels, apartments and other multi-room buildings.

Model CPFR
Concealed Ceiling with Plenum
Concealed Ceiling with Plenum Model CPFR

An adaptation of Model CCFR, the CPFR unit can be arranged for either rear or bottom return air connection.

Model CRFB
Ceiling Recessed
Ceiling Recessed Model CRFB

The hinged telescoping bottom panel provides easy access to unit interior for any installation needing servicing.

Model CRBB
Model CRBB

Ceiling recessed unit with bottom discharge