Vertical Stack

Econorise Vertical Stack Fan Coil Econorise cutaway

The Vertical Stack Fan Coil Unit is designed specially for high-rise installations apartments, hotels, condominiums and office buildings. They combine easy installation without sacrificing room comfort or design appearance.

The compact units take up a minimum of space and can be used in a variety of ways. They can be built into a room divider or a wall to serve two or more rooms. This unit can also be concealed in the corner of a room or even inside a closet.

Five Sizes - from 300 to 1000 CFM.

Also choice of two coils, standard high capacity or high temperature drop, for each unit size.

Dependable Performance.

Capacity is certified by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI).

U.L. Listed.

Your assurance of safety. Unit mounted electric components are pre-wired to a junction box. Basic standard wiring is in conduit.

Designed for Quiet Operation.

Fans with streamlined air inlets, plus internal acoustical insulation provide quiet operation.

Year-Round Comfort Control.

An optional four-pipe system auxiliary hot water coil may be supplied to provide supplementary or between season heating. Airtherm also provides a complete electric heating system with the advantages of four-pipe system flexibility and two-pipe system installation savings. Electric heating elements can be supplied for either total room heating or for intermediate heating during spring or fall.

Reduced Operating Costs.

Standard permanent split capacitor motors sustain minimum amp draw. Low water coil pressure drop through 5/8 inch diameter tubes help cut pumping costs.

Easy Maintenance.

Just remove the return air grille for access to the Vertical Stack Fan Coil Unit interior. Both sides of the coil are accessible. The motorboard-drain pan assembly slides out for motor and fan access. The filter is quickly and easily changed.

Choice of Riser Location.

The Vertical Stack Fan Coil unit comes with your choice of enclosed, factory-installed, rear, left or right riser locations.

Eight Discharge Arrangements.

Service one or more rooms. You can specify single, double, triple or top outlet. In single occupancy areas, one Vertical Stack Fan Coil Unit can serve two or more adjacent rooms to achieve energy and floor space savings.

Master/Slave Unit Applications.

Reduce material and installation costs with a Master/Slave application. This installation consists of two separate units served by one common set of risers in the Master unit. Each unit of the combination operates independently with its own motor and controls. Master unit factory-installed risers have stubs for field installation or copper connecting tubing to the Slave unit. Slave units have no risers but have piping packages positioned to accept contractor installed connecting tubing.